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Social Reach Through Videos

Hint: We believe in proper planning! Read on for more info!

Using Video to Unlock Your Social Reach

One of the biggest winners in gaining social reach is through the use of video on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Video is so effective that it can more than double the reach of your social media page.

We have worked with several businesses to create short form social videos that run between 30 seconds and a minute. These videos get results through paid and organic reach on social media. 

We have two approaches that businesses can take when it comes to creating social videos. The first is through a specific request for video services. The second is through our social media management services.

Social Reach Goes Farther With Video Uploads

Video is king when it comes to reach and engagement. It’s a huge area for growth with our clients.

There are some businesses who run their own social profiles, but they do not have a full-scale marketing team. We work with them to create one-off or video series to help them promote products or services.

The other group of businesses we work with include those we have partnered with through our social media management program. We offer options to have a monthly video made for their price point.

Whichever option is appropriate for your company and your budget, we work hard to make professional quality videos. These videos are effective for promoting events, telling your story, or providing information to the public.

In this article, we are going to cover how we plan, produce, and promote these videos on social media.

Planning for Success

The best way to increase your social reach is by creating a plan ahead of time. One of the common fears we hear from businesses is a distinct lack of planning. We understand this fear and it’s why we put a lot of work into preparation. 

The truth is simple: When you work hard in preparation, the work is easy (relatively speaking). This means we plan weeks ahead of time, that way it’s all ready to go when we start shooting. 

This process includes script writing, conceptualization, location scouting, and assigning speaking roles if they’re needed. When these things are lined up ahead of time, the shoots can go buy like a breeze. 

So when all the preparation is done, we move on to the actual shoot and editing process.

Location Shoots and the Editing Process

When everything is prepared for the shoot, we will meet with our clients at their location of choice. We typically shoot at their offices or in a location that’s eye-catching and impactful. When you’re planning for social reach, you want to make sure people have interesting things to look at in the video.

We sometimes joke that setting up for a shoot can sometimes take longer than the shoot itself. The timing usually depends on the subject’s comfort level with being on camera. But we make sure we help people stay comfortable by encouraging and coaching them through the process. 

Professionally edited videos get great social reach

It’s not just a point and shoot operation. We use the best tools in the industry.

When we shoot, we usually do anywhere from 3 to 5 takes per speaker. This way we can have a variety of shots should we need to combine the best bits from different takes. To maintain continuity, we shoot extra shots of the office space or products to create what we call b-roll footage.

Once we have the primary shots and b-roll, we then fire up our editing software. We use Adobe Premier Pro, which is a top-of-the-line software for video editing. This software allows us to create dynamic transitions, cut scenes together, and synchronize the audio.

Once we’re satisfied with the video, we prep it for publication.

Publishing and Tracking the Final Product

The first thing we do with the video file is that we upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video. This way we can send our client the video for review. Once they give the go-ahead, we prep it for a social media post. 

The key to getting the most social reach is by making sure that we publish the video the right way. This means we include the proper tags for people who are searching for specific topics. Once that is set, we then create an ad set to reach the right people for you. 

This is a very brief look at our video and social media services. If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to connect with you. We think you’ll be convinced with what we have to offer and by our experience in the industry.

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