Need A Brand Audit? 3 Dangerous Signs To Look For

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Why Would You Need A Brand Audit

Have you been able to align your brand across your workers, management, and customers? If it’s not, you may be wasting ad dollars.

In another way, have you also felt like your brand lacks a certain ‘oomph?’

Lastly, if it feels like you and your team are just throwing things together in the moment, It might be time to start talking about a brand audit.

It’s a great way to refresh your brand identity, conceive of goals, and adjust your marketing to reach those goals.

We’re the kind of company who doesn’t charge for every consultation, especially when it comes to new clients. We want to help you succeed in your marketing.

Remember, having a broken brand can result in missed market opportunities.

You Lean on the Same Old, Same Old

Sometimes an identity refresh can go a long way toward elevating a company’s presence in a competitive market.

Sometimes a long-standing logo or style can bring up familiar feelings. But at a certain point, those feelings of familiarity can grow stale.

We can break up an ad budget for you into annual or seasonal chunks so you have some structure to your spending.

We once had a client tell us they spent over $25,000 a year in ad buys but had no idea if the investment was effective.

We realigned the spending into an organized, strategic manner so decisions were calculated and not sporadic.

A brand audit for a traditional company can help spring these businesses back into the public eye.

Leadership Pushback – “How It’s Always Been Done”

We’ve seen this kind of scenario again and again. Businesses that utilize a strategic plan can sometimes lean too heavily into it.

This creates a stagnation pit that will leave leadership on autopilot and lead employees to frustration.

This may lead to your business just fading in the background among the white noise of what everyone else is doing because it’s always been done that way.

Yet, a brand audit could reveal that your prices are simply too high, or you are not positioning your products or services with the appropriate value proposition to warrant the high prices.

It might be time to consider a brand audit if you start hearing the dreaded “We’ve always done things that way!”

brand audit creation

When we run a brand audit, we examine every part of a business’ performance and possible routes forward.

Starting New Initiatives

This one is not so much a warning sign as it’s an imperative to hit the ground running, or wake up on the right side of the bed, or… Nevermind, that’s enough of that.

A brand audit ahead of a major marketing campaign can go a long way for setting the tone of your efforts.

The biggest component of starting a new initiative is public relations or PR.

For instance, a story we pitched appeared in a regional magazine resulting in the walk-in sale of a $70,000 piece of equipment. Not bad for less than a $200 investment in our services.

Our radio and TV scripts stand out among other local and regional producers; we write books, articles, ad copy, and headlines. We even publish a bi-monthly magazine for our community.

Writing is the essence of the content. Content is the essence of connecting with customers. Basically, we’re good at writing engaging content.

Going forward with a Brand Audit from McQuillen Creative Group

McQuillen Creative Group is an experienced team of talented, creative thinkers who can conceive innovative ways to represent your company online, in advertising, and in public relations.

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to clients, analyze their data points, and research their unique market position, audience, and needs.

By listening to how you currently market and advertise your business, we can bounce ideas around to get you thinking about alternative approaches.

Are you ready to receive a brand audit and explore the potential of your online or traditional marketing? We’re ready to dream big with you.

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