3 Ways Video Elevates Business Connections

Business Connections & Video Production

You should start thinking about hiring a videographer in Aberdeen, South Dakota. You would probably surprise yourself if you found out how much time you spend on the internet watching videos. While traditional media advertisements are still important, it’s becoming clear that video ads are rising in popularity. In 2021, it is expected that television ads will make up about a third of advertising budgets.

On the digital end, online ads will take up about half of business marketing budgets. And that can mean anything from video to graphics and even native advertising. This is why people depend on McQuillen Creative Group’s video production chops.

Business connections are made and broken by the presence they have online. Additionally, the effects of the pandemic have shown how true that statement is with consumers. As people continue to shelter in place, industries have had to re-think their approach.

A global pandemic can create a lot of fear and instability, which means that businesses had to re-think their messaging and tone. So when they created online videos and television ads, they needed to reflect a new set of values. These leaders saw a way to adapt and elevate their business connections with consumers, partners, and sponsors.

Business Connections Benefit from Video

Our video for Sisseton, SD helped show how the town is still a great travel destination whether there’s a pandemic happening or not!

How MCG Has Helped People Adapt

We put a lot of work into creating entertaining and informative videos for our clients. We have even provided support for a full virtual conference for GSB Fundraising, a stewardship-based organization that helps non-profits, charities, and congregations with their fundraising efforts.

In September 2020, GSB needed to move their typically public annual fundraising conference to a virtual space. They saw a need to adapt their business connections to a growing threat. So we worked with them to get the conference set up with live and recorded video.

Additionally, we have worked with Sisseton, South Dakota to promote their town as a destination for tourists who choose to travel but want to maintain their health. The video highlighted the many cultural and economic touch points with an emphasis on hygiene, social distancing, and protective covering.

We also recently worked with United Way of Northeastern South Dakota to create a thank you video for #HealthCareHeroes. This was a campaign by United Way to have local businesses create social posts to thank the healthcare workers who have fought tirelessly against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Helping Businesses Stand Apart

We value our business connections with these organizations and the impact they have on their communities, clients, and customers. We work with organizations big and small and can create professional videos for any kind of budget. We use the latest tech and editing software so that our partners can put their best foot forward.

And we’re not just about recorded video, either. We also understood the effect of the pandemic would have on the country and we dove deep into live conferencing so our clients could meet people’s needs in that area. We strive to create lasting business connections with people who want to stay ahead of the game. If you need a professional video made or need to figure out virtual conferencing, we’re the perfect place to call.

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