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Testimonials allowed JGE’s customers to speak volumes about their customer service. It provided an authenticity many marketing campaigns can lack – and those customers, they were able to help JGE grow into the regions leader in equipment sales and rental.

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  • Challenge

    J. Gross Equipment sells and services more Mustang skid steers than anyone in the country. They have a firm grasp on marketing, but needed some creative input and design to stand out. This family-operated business first met with us to discuss a new website that reflected their tough, rugged business and product line. These guys had the best grasp of branding we’d ever encountered. In fact, there isn’t a day goes by that you don’t see their logo on a shirt, jacket or vehicle. They are very well liked by their customers. But competition is always lurking and they wanted to pull out ahead. Of course with websites comes many other opportunities.

  • Solution

    When discussing how and why they were different than anyone else, they claimed their customer service was the best. Since so many businesses make this claim, we proposed that they actually get their customers to go on video and sing the praises of JGE. And we did just that. We traveled the county and filmed their customers working with gear they purchased from JGE. And they provided excellent testimonials substantiating JGE’s position that their service was indeed superior. The website grew into a catalog of the brands they carry and service, as well as a complete section and interface for renting equipment. MCG also created an app that allows staff to monitor rental activity so they are always informed up to the minute.

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