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Presentation College

From a new website, to a new logo, video and print pieces, we developed a flexible and fresh approach to connecting with the demographic, but also displaying Presentation College’s information.

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The Challenge

Presentation College is a faith-based educational institution in Aberdeen, SD, with several satellite campuses. For over 60 years they’ve maintain a modest student body of several hundred students. Several years back, they added a comprehensive athletics program that caused their enrollment to grow substantially. Subsequently, they embarked on an ambitious campus-building campaign to modernize their facilities. In 2012, under the leadership of a new president, they opted to modernize their communications pieces and contacted McQuillen Creative to help. Presentation College maintains a marketing office complete with a graphic designer and marketing coordinator, yet looked to MCG for a push in the creative direction. They needed to stand out and get the attention of young high school students, as well as their parents. Despite the faith-based foundation, they do welcome students of any faiths. The challenge was to rise above the college collateral clutter and get kids to apply to PC.

The Solution

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Aside from the recruitment campaign, PC was in need of a new, fresh website. Their current site was difficult to maintain, difficult to search, and lacked a cohesive design and navigation system. Many planning meetings were held with key individuals at PC to find out exactly how their website is currently used, as well as the desires for a new one. MCG designed an interface that helps users get to the information they’re looking for quickly, regardless if they are a student, faculty, staff, donor, or prospect. The website also includes a robust backend system so that appropriate staff can easily make updates to the site on a daily basis and 360° virtual tours of new facilities. Of course it has a mobile version as well, which was custom designed by MCG.


Presentation College had collected dozens of pieces of print material from colleges all over the country. These provided valuable insight as to what kids were looking at. Nearly every single one was a booklet of some type, so we instantly abandoned the idea of a traditional, multipage book or brochure. By creating a series of cards and a two different envelope sleeves, recruiters could piece together a collection of cards suitable for specific target markets. PC recognizes that not every student is a candidate for their college and does a great job targeting appropriate populations.

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MCG also created a new logo for the college. While the previous version was very college and was very appropriate to their new athletic focus, it was very wide and difficult to produce as smaller sizes. The new version created by MCG is sleek, simple, and works in a variety of situations.

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