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Photographers Aberdeen, SD

Are you looking for an editorial Photographers in Aberdeen, SD or northeast South Dakota? McQuillen Creative can help you out in two ways. We will be happy to consider your photography assignment ourselves, or we can find someone who may be more appropriate for your project. And we shoot video too. A lot of video. Give us a call if

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Church Camp Video Pros

“Zacchaeus was a wee little man…” can you finish the rest of this church camp classic?  As things wrap up for this summer, camp-goers are already seeking out their next year’s choice. We hope they choose you, but is your website a true jaw dropper? MCG is the expert in town for all things bible, church, or ministry camp. From logo

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If You’re Considering a Fundraising Video…

We’ve just completed our latest demo. This DVD contains nine fundraising or awareness videos made for various non-profits across the country. If you’re considering a video production in the near future, email me and I’ll send one of our demos. Chosing the right video production company can be tricky for non-profits. We know how to approach fundraising and awareness videos

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Bethlehem Lutheran’s Creating Room at the Table

A fundraising video is a great way to pull at the heart strings of a targeted constituent group while also relaying the technical information in a more attractive manner. So when Bethlehem Lutheran Church of Aberdeen, SD contacted us to help with their expansion dreams, we encouraged them to use video production as a way to tell the story and make the

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What’s Your Legacy? Cheers to 50 Years Stan’s

When a company has been around for 50 years, they must be doing something right. When we were contacted by Stan’s Inc. of Alpena, South Dakota, we had the great privilege of capturing the legacy of owner Stan Kopfmann. Not only has Stan built a number of highly reputable businesses, but he’s also prepared them for a new generation, rooted

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Video Production – Making Fund Raising Videos

There comes a time when every non profit needs to raise money. Our experience in fund raising (fundraising) has primarily been with our association with GSB Fundraising. GSB has been helping non profits for more than 30 years do amazing things. We are an associate partner with this fine organization, and one of the things we provide is collateral material

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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons Find McQuillen Creative

It seems one of the most difficult things to promote is cosmetic surgery. It’s tricky because it’s not something people are ready to admit they want done or have had done. Getting people to respond to ads or commercials is therefore frustrating. The approach we’ve taken with plastic surgeons is to let them tell their own story in video. Each

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Video Production – New Hire Orientation Made Easier

If only you could encapsulate your corporate vision and eloquently present it to all new hires at your company during orientation. Or, maybe you’re not even in town and someone else ran the orientation and gave your company a whole different flavor. Or, what if you missed some key points in your presentation? Whatever the scenario, you need a corporate

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South Carolina Synod Invests in Ministry and Video Production

The South Carolina Synod of the ELCA wants to do more ministry. They embarked on a multi-million dollar campaign to raise funds throughout the South Carolina region. They want to raise money to touch more lives in their state. It’s a moving story that required a substantial amount of video production to tell the story. McQuillen Creative traveled to SC

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Simple Commercial with Big Drama

Believe it or not, this simple commercial was shot with a crew of one. The folks in Pierre, South Dakota wanted a TV commercial to show off the amazing display of Christmas trees at the state capitol. This spot alludes to the reaction most people have the first time seeing this spectacular display. Our family of models were volunteers and

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Oz Theme Continues for Aberdeen Promotion

If you’ve seen the Broadway sensation, Wicked, you probably remember how each Oz character came to be. Unfortunately, the production is 100% incorrect in relating how the Scarecrow and Tin Man came to be. The Tin Man was named Nick Chopper and he was a normal dude. He fell in love with a sorcerer’s daughter who disapproved of him. The

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Graphic Props

For a recent bunch of commercials we found ourselves needing props and locations that didn’t exist. I wrote one commercial which called for two competing business that were located side by side. So we found an unmarked building and shot the commercial there. We made up two signs, one for each fictitious business, as well as “closed” signs. I designed

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The Return of Oz

Video Production in Aberdeen, SD – Years ago, when I first came back to Aberdeen, I got involved in the newly formed Oz Festival. Me, my mom and my dad made costumes, props, signs, banners and all sorts of promo material. Then it ended. It was designed to be a cultural event that recognized the fact that Wonderful Wizard of

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