It seems one of the most difficult things to promote is cosmetic surgery. It’s tricky because it’s not something people are ready to admit they want to have done or have had done. Getting people to respond to ads or commercials is therefore frustrating. The approach we’ve taken with plastic surgeons is to let them tell their own stories in video. Each has their own philosophical approaches which a potential customer may find reassuring or perhaps they can relate better to actually seeing and hearing the doctor speak. Testimonials are great if we can get them, but again, people aren’t always forthcoming with this sort of information.

At McQuillen Creative Group in Aberdeen, SD, we’ve worked with a few great doctors in the region to produce videos for their websites. And these are not expensive projects. We can generally produce an overview video of practice for less than $5,000 (detailed proposals are created upon discussing the project, however). If you need to tell your story to potential customers in, or out, of your area, talk to us about the process. Perhaps you’ve found patients like to travel to other areas to have a procedure done. Web videos are a great way to reach anyone.

The McQuillen Method

We often travel throughout the region and country to produce videos. Sure you may have locals who can produce videos, but for the price and efficiency, we are often very competitive, even when you add travel costs.

McQuillen Creative can not only create your video, but we offer all advertising services such as logo design, website design and management, campaigns, signage, and brochures.

Please review our past projects for cosmetic and plastic surgeons, plus a bevy of area Aberdeen, South Dakota businesses. Give us a call to start a conversation about your video today. 605-226-3481.


Doctor’s Philosophy. Aberdeen Plastic Surgery

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