eCommerce Tips: 5 Ingenious Ways to Sell Online

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eCommerce is crucial in the wake of COVID-19

eCommerce has come to the forefront of the minds of small business owners over the course of the COVID-19 Pandemic. People are spending more time online and that means advertisers are adjusting their efforts to reach a larger, more engaged audience than in recent years. Suddenly services like Door Dash are reaching smaller towns that would have never seen these services in different circumstances.

This means that there’s an entire market that small businesses need to jump on to survive. With a greater emphasis placed on digital marketing and online storefronts, you need to make sure you’re adapting to what the market needs. And right now, that means people need easy shopping experiences, hassle-free service, and a better connection to local businesses.

Let’s look at five ways you need to start building up your online presence.

ecommerce for small business

Are you looking to get into eCommerce and don’t know where to start? Here’s a quick guide for your small business.

Shape up your website

The first thing you need to think about is your online presence and how it looks compared to your competition and what your customers are expecting. There is no one right way to build a website, but there is probably a right way given your requirements. And you know your market best of all, so going with your gut is often a good choice when presenting your online identity.

We’ve been in the website building business for 15 years, so we have also picked up a lot of knowledge about the building blocks of a website. We’ve also kept up with many of the standards that all websites should have, like fast-loading pages, mobile responsive design, and solid security.

Find an eCommerce platform that works for you

There are loads of eCommerce options out there, and you can test the waters as you go. eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Big Commerce have plans that scale with your operation. Additionally, they make shopping easy for your customers.

These platforms also let you build your own website, which allows you to have your own online presence along with a fantastic eCommerce solution. You can upload pictures of your products, create an engaging homepage and “about” section, and you can really make your products shine with great descriptions. Speaking of descriptions, let’s talk about those for a second.

Get descriptive about your product

You can tell the world how great your product or service is, but you’re not going to move many needles if that’s all you can do. You might know it or not, but there are professional writers who are called copywriters, and the description for products and services is called copy. Good copy is meant to encourage consumers to picture how a particular product will improve their lives.

So when you write a product description, you should have an idea of how that product will have a positive influence on a person’s life. Is it a tool that can help them with physical, mental, or creative projects? Then dream up scenarios where that product can be useful. Or describe a problem they may be having and then explain how that product can make their lives easier.

ecommerce overload?

Do you feel a little internet overload? McQuillen Creative Group can help you reach your goals for eCommerce and digital marketing.

Create a great customer experience

If you’re selling something special, you should make your customers feel like they’re a part of it. You’ve created a killer eCommerce site, you’ve presented great products with beautiful photos and great copy, so that’s it, right? Well, there is one more step that you should consider when you’re selling a product, and that’s creating a connection at the point of sale.

Have you ever received a gift from someone and it didn’t include a personal note of gratitude? Even if you received the perfect gift, did it feel like a “special something” was missing? That’s why you should view the endpoint of a sale as an opportunity to add that special ingredient. Including a personal note of thanks creates an opportunity to connect with customers and make them repeat customers.

Embrace social media marketing

Once you have your framework ready, it’s now time to market your online business. Managing social media is almost like a job in itself. In fact, it is a growing profession among freelance marketers, creative businesses, and marketing agencies. And the key to a great social media presence is having a consistent strategy to your daily posts and your advertisements.

McQuillen Creative Group has seen how effective social media plans can help businesses grow, and we saw a need for that growth here in Aberdeen, SD and the surrounding area. We work with small businesses with eCommerce to help them sell products and services, and make meaningful connections with their customers with friendly customer service.

Add the McQuillen Creative difference

If you’re trying to get started, but feeling overwhelmed, then it might be time to turn to the experts at McQuillen Creative Group. You know advertising and marketing are critical to your business’ success. But the third ingredient you need to have is adaptability. We work both in the physical and digital spaces to produce creative assets that will get you noticed and generate business.

See how your business can benefit with McQuillen Creative Group on your team. We’re available to talk about your goals and challenges you’re facing in your business. Whether you are seeking solutions now or you want to grab a cup of coffee, we love discussing marketing ideas with our potential clients. Give us a call today!

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