Or better yet, how’s your brand? Your logo is a representation of what people think of your company. In other words, your brand. When you see the McDonalds arches you’re suppose to think “you’re lovin’ yummy food.” When you see Target logo (even without the word Target) you’re instantly reminded of how you perceive Target; good or bad. In other words, a logo is symbol that connects people to the qualities of your business. Typically, the bigger the company, the more simplified the logo symbol becomes. Starbucks just reach ultimate brand status, and like Target, Apple and Nike, dropped the word Starbucks from their logo. The only thing left is the sprite in a circle. Unfortunately, we don’t often get to design such basic forms and symbols. In rural America, logos not only need reflect a corporate culture, but many want them to tell a story too. That gets difficult. Logos need to be simple PERIOD. If you’re a plumber, we don’t need to see a pipe wrench, leaky pipe, copper, and a sink. Avoid the obvious pitfalls what used to be termed “Yellow Page Logos.” These were poorly drawn logos that tried desperately to mimic the businesses products or services.

So what makes a good logo? Only two things. Your unique business, and a graphic designer. It is the merging of these two that can produce something very unique and perfect for your business. And you need to be prepared to invest in the process. Watch out for the shops that will charge you by the minute to design a logo. If that’s the case, do it yourself. The process at McQuillen Creative Group is focused on you. We talk to you, maybe an employee or two. We look at how you use your logo. We look at your competitors. And we look at national trends. Then we sketch. We present the sketches to you in a meeting at our office. We discuss. We evaluate each option (sometimes 5-7 versions), and talk about how each one may be right for your company at this particular time in history. Then you leave and we develop the second round of options. Ideally this is one or two versions. By this point, the finished logo should have emerged. When we all decide which one is most appropriate and perfect for your business, we prepare a logo package for you that contains all the file formats in all the color options presented. This provides you with the proper logo for the proper usage.

What follows are a multitude of logos we created for some great clients. Sometimes we gave three options, sometimes ten. It all depends on how much exploration is needed. The logo on the left of each set is the final version.

Does your logo match your excellent reputation? Is it an accurate depiction of your modern, progressive outlook? Call us. There’s no charge for discussion. And we love to discuss logos. 605-226-3481 or email MCG President, troy@mcquillencreative.com