We’ll Design, Warehouse, and Distribute All Your Newspaper Ads, Banner Ads, Magazine Ads, and Online Ads

We’ve all been there. The newspaper calls you up, telling you they need your ad. Or, they need new pictures, logos, or headlines. You have to stop what you’re doing and deal with this headache or risk running an outdated ad. Or, worst yet, missing the deadline.

Perhaps the newspaper handles your ads for you. But what if you run an ad in a regional magazine? What if you need a banner ad for a popular blogger or radio station website?  Headache, headache, headache. If you have a graphic designer on staff, you have nothing to worry about. But if you don’t, you need someone to handle this.

McQuillen Creative Group has been designing advertising for over 20 years. We understand advertising design, a .jpg, a .pdf, a .mov and a .swf. In other words, we know absolutely everything there is to know about producing advertising. And you can benefit from our experience. Better yet, you can benefit from our efficiency.

Let us meet with you to learn about your advertising. Once we gather the facts we will design your ads, “warehouse” all your creative assets (logos, pictures, etc.), and respond to any ad request you need filled. Your financial investment will depend on your ad load and scheduling. We will determine an annual investment and break it down into four quarterly payments.

So instead of fielding all the calls and emails from ad reps, just tell them to call McQuillen Creative, and we’ll prep the ad and send it on.

We have provided, or continue to provide, this service for such distinguished brands as Vision Care, Primrose Retirement Communities, Harr Motors, Lang’s TV and Audio, Presentation College, and Dacotah Bank.

Call us for a free consultation. And if you buy a lot of radio and TV ads too, we can also create, store, and distribute those as well. Call today, 605-226-3481.

Introducing: Ad Design Subscription Service