Create a Legacy Video to Celebrate Your History

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    1. Why You Need A Legacy Video
    2. What a Legacy Video Needs
    3. Why Choose MCG

Video production can be an awfully daunting project to take on if you don’t have the staff available with the skills and expertise needed.

And if you’re planning to create a legacy video for historical preservation, that problem can seem even larger.

Choosing the right video production company can be tricky for families, businesses, and organizations.

When you’re trying to figure out who can create great video content, you need to consider how they’ll handle your needs. Big production companies can be expensive. And trying to hire a college grad or freelancer on the cheap can yield mixed results.

This is why it’s crucial to consider a small, local company like McQuillen Creative Group.

We have been producing video for organizations in the Aberdeen area, throughout South Dakota, and across the country for over 10 years, and we want to be your next choice for video production.

Why You Need A Legacy Video for Historical Preservation

Families, businesses, and organizations who have a longstanding history, need to think about the importance of creating a legacy video.

It’s easy for companies, clubs, and organizations to amass a huge amount of history. What’s not easy is trying to figure out historical preservation.

For instance, if a board of directors have recognized the organizational impact the’ve had on a community, that information needs to be shared. But how should that be done?

A legacy video can be effective in highlighting that history, especially when it’s professionally made video production.

legacy video editing and historical preservation

Don’t let your history collect dust. Create a legacy video that preserves it.

What A Legacy Video Needs

Whether you’re trying to cement your business or family legacy, you need a mixture of people, places, and things for a video to grab and hold people’s attention.

The key to effective content creation is having a variety of things to look at and people to tell stories makes for compelling information.

All the historical records, like photos, journals, and mementos are important to include as well, because those are the records of your history. They’re also cool to look at during the video.

Video editing helps bring all of those components together into a package that helps with historical preservation.

Why Choose McQuillen Creative Group for Video Production

Our middle name is creative, and we are all about creative content creation, whether it’s logos, websites, flyers, advertisements, and videos. We have a dedicated videographer who also does video editing.

We have created lots of video content for companies and organizations that have made massive contributions to their communities, and it’s been a big honor to play a part in those video projects.

If you would like to see how other groups have made a positive organizational impact, we have included a few of our past projects to check out.


Aberdeen Flying Service
Stan’s Inc. 50 Years Celebration
Aberdeen WWII Pheasants Canteen
Aberdeen Area Veterans Building Common Ground Initiative

When you’re ready to create a legacy video for historical preservation, then give us a call today. We create great video content and other forms of content creation that grabs people’s attention.

You might even want to keep it private for your own family legacy. That’s okay! Because we understand that it will be a keepsake that will be appreciated for generations.

Video production and video editing takes time, which is why we make it easier for you to tell your story. We take on the production so you don’t have to hire someone full time for your marketing.

Call us today to set up a consultation for your next legacy video.

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