Shooting in all conditions is just part of what we do. This still is from a fundraising video we made for Shepherd’s Hill at the Crossroads.

There comes a time when every non profit needs to raise money. Our experience in fund raising (fundraising) has primarily been with our association with GSB Fundraising. GSB has been helping non profits for more than 30 years do amazing things. We are an associate partner with this fine organization, and one of the things we provide is collateral material for many of their campaigns. This ultimately lead us to producing fundraising videos for them and for other clients.

McQuillen Creative in Aberdeen, SD has become expert at video production, creating videos that are moving, emotional, fun, and effective. If you need to raise money, you need to engage a constituent group. Hopefully you know who that group is. Part of every fund drive is a “case” or a reason why you’re raising money. The point of hiring a fundraising consultant like GSB, is to hone in on that specific case so efforts can stay focused. Using video is a very good way to state your case to a wide audience.

We approach fundraising videos very systematically. There is a right way to do them, and a wrong way. The wrong way is dull, boring, long-winded, over shooting and lack of planning. The right way is opposite of all those other things. We know what to shoot, we know who to include, and we know how to build your case. You can try to use local video production companies for these types of videos, but they might over do it, and you might pay too much. Imagine paying a crew to capture 10 hours of video for an eight-minute finished project. Oops.

We’ve streamlined the process. But videos aren’t not cheap, mainly because they take time and expertise. We physically have to be on the ground, filming interviews and scenes. But, chances are our prices are very competitive, and we are offer very affordable video production.

If there’s one bit of advice I can give anyone trying to make a video like this on their own it’s this: Make sure your audio is clear. When people sit down to watch a video, any video, they expect Hollywood-quality. And that’s just the reality of all the top quality things we see on TV and movies. If your video doesn’t look right, and if the sound is bad, you create a drastic distraction that disconnects your viewer from your case. And you’ve lost a donor.

Keep us in mind for advice on fundraising video production. Let us give you a quote. But if you have no budget, give us a shout. We might be able to talk you through some vital tips that could make or break your fundraising efforts. — Troy McQuillen