I spoke in Watertown to their young professionals about marketing last month in May.

On May 18, I traveled to Watertown by invitation of their Chamber of Commerce. I was invited to speak to their young professional group about marketing and advertising. More specifically about how to allocate advertising dollars and social media advertising opportunities.

About 35 people attended the luncheon held at The Drake. My talk was rather informal and related common sense advertising situations. I’m always sensitive to people who may have had an experience with a bigger agency and didn’t really get what was promised or got nickle-and-dimed to death.

I also touched on the whole business of branding. I hate the term branding and feel it’s completely misunderstood in the biz. We had a good Q&A session afterwords and I got a chance to speak to a few attendees one on one. Thanks so much to the Watertown Chamber for inviting me and providing a great lunch!