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New Website, New You, New Questions

If you’re an avid podcast listener, you may have heard ads for website builders that are so easy a child could use them!

There’s nothing wrong with taking a DIY approach to your website development, especially considering how easy some platforms are to use.

We have nothing against the Squarespaces and Wixes of the world; they’re great services in a pinch!

But a DIY approach might not be appropriate if you need a heavy-duty site-wide overhaul or a new website that’s custom-made.

That means you’ll need a dedicated web developer to craft a new website or refresh your existing site.

So that means you need to address some questions.

How will you handle making changes to your site? How will you be paying for this? One time fee? Free up front, but $100 per month? Who takes care of actually promoting your page so it can be found?

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It takes a team to build the right kind of website for your business. We’re not a one-size fits all kind of company.

Here are some important factors when deciding on a new website.

Form, Function, and Responsiveness

The real question you should be asking yourself is, how should a website fit into your business? The answer dictates how your site is designed, what sort of content you’ll include and how much it will cost.

Do you need a membership login and page, eCommerce solutions, a blog? Do you want Google to display your business when people search for you?

You should also think about how your website should look to your audience and how they will navigate your site.

So we make sure that we use responsive web design to make your site look great on any device.

We get many people calling us asking for a “price for a website.”

And that’s all they say. Unfortunately, that is an impossible question to answer. A home builder would never provide a construction quote without a blue print.

Even still, someone needs to design that blue print. In other words, there is a lot that can go into a website, no matter how simple it seems, and every thing affects the price.

Once you’ve decided on the technical bits, it’s time to think about price.

What’s a Website Worth?

The form and function of the website often dictates the price we set for our clients. And that’s when it’s easy to think that the project can cost an arm and a leg!

There’s no need to worry, because we discuss the project with our clients and then create a blueprint from those meetings.

But to humor you, if you came here looking for a dollar figure, we have worked on massive $40,000 business websites, and small personal websites for around $3,000.

McQuillen Creative Group has been creating websites in Aberdeen since 2001, so we’ve seen it all.

We can create a website for any budget, but the realty is, with the added complication of mobile devices and 4K+ screen resolutions, we won’t do a website for less than $3,000.

Why so much you say? You can get a website for a monthly fee, and no up front cost. You have other quotes for far less. What’s the difference?

The bottom line is, as with anything, you get what you pay for. And if you’ve already been through this process with another provider and they are not responsive about updates, you need to give us a call.

When you’ve got the price sorted, the last thing you need to think about is hosting and security.

new website security

What’s the Price of Stability and Security?

The short answer is that the security and uptime of your website is ultimately priceless.

The practical answer is that keeping your website optimized, running, and secure is more affordable than you think!

When building a new website, you need to think about hosting and security. Luckily, MCG offers both!

We host nearly all of our websites for clients and we have three separate hosting packages. Our packages range are $50, $100, and $150 per month.

Most of our clients pick the mid-level plan that includes one hour of service per month and 10% off any additional web work we do on the site.

When it comes to security, we don’t take the responsibility lightly. There’s always a hacker trawling for data across the web.

We make sure all of our websites have SSL security and we make sure those security measures are always up-to-date.

If you’re curious about our security knowledge, we wrote a helpful post about how security certificates work for our websites.

We also pride ourselves on our in-house work. We don’t outsource overseas or across the state. All our websites are designed and programmed in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

How Much is Site Visibility Worth?

Most importantly, we can offer an additional “online visibility package.” For one flat fee we’ll register your business and website with all the major search engines and review websites.

This greatly helps in getting you found when people search for you. You can do this step on your own, but it takes a fair amount of work, and each search engine has a different process.

After you’re up and running we can discuss “search engine optimization,” or SEO, for short, with you.

This is a process where we dive further into your site and we create a map for Google’s robots to search through your content for keywords, locations, and detailed information about your business.

Wrapping Up

Building a new website takes a lot of work, but we have the knowledge and tools to make the process easy for you. We pride ourselves on being responsive and available, too.

If you’ve ever had a developer or webmaster ghost on you when problems arose, you probably know the pain of not knowing how to fix your site.

At McQuillen Creative Group, we’ve built solid relationships with businesses and organizations, large and small.

If you’re ready for a tune-up or a change in website management, give us a call!

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