New Hire Orientation Videos Made Easier

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If only you could encapsulate your corporate vision and eloquently present it to all new hires at your company during orientation. Or, maybe you’re not even in town, which shifts the responsibility to someone else to run the orientation and gives your company a whole different flavor. Or, what if you missed some crucial points in your presentation?

Whatever the scenario, you need a corporate video to provide background information, brand position, and expectations for all your new hires (and maybe refreshers for current ones).

At McQuillen Creative Group, here in Aberdeen, South Dakota, we try to make these videos as engaging as possible–knowing full well they could become somewhat dry. Think about the time savings of just inserting a DVD, or pulling up your video on a private link on YouTube to start your orientation started.

And we’re not talking about a half-hour video. Just 5-10 minutes to get the meeting going. That said, some companies, with multiple locations, have had us create chapter-based presentations that total about three hours long. Eventually, these will all be online, accessible any time anywhere, like chapters on a DVD.

Hopefully, you’ve watched the orientation video up above. We produced that professional video for our friends out in Mobridge, SD. The principals of the company travel extensively on sales calls, so it was critical for them to encapsulate their brand message on video.

This one is more of a corporate capabilities piece, but it helps new hires understand the scope of the company. We continue to produce video productions for One World Direct on an ongoing basis.

Let’s Role Play

Think about how an orientation video can help illustrate your brand or corporate culture to new hires, potential customers, or seasoned employees who need a refresher. Aside from the new hire orientation, consider video production for:

• Product Demonstration Sample: Hub City, Inc.

• Training (overall or specific tasks or stations) Sample: Precision Soil Management

• Training (new hire orientation) Sample: Upper Plains Contracting, Inc.

• Corporate Capabilities Sample: One World Direct

• Recruitment at Job Fairs Sample: J. Gross Equipment

• Customer Testimonials Sample: J. Gross Equipment

• Legacy or Overview Video Sample: Stan’s, Inc.

More importantly, videos on websites are far more engaging than static pictures. People stay on websites longer that have video content, and they instantly grasp the point you’re trying to make on your site. We create videos that can display on your website or private YouTube links, which keeps you from spilling the beans about corporate secrets.

Are you interested? The first step is to reach out to us and talk about your ideas. Chances are we’ve done something like it already. Our video production is affordable, and we can travel anywhere! Orientation videos will communicate your corporate culture to new hires.

Call Troy at 605-226-3481. Or contact us online. If you’re not in the market for a new hire video, but would like to remember us, provide us your email address and we’ll send out periodic announcements and newsletters.

For the best, affordable video production, think McQuillen Creative Group, Inc. Aberdeen, South Dakota.