About this Project:

The Aberdeen Downtown Association is dedicated to growing and improving Aberdeen, South Dakota’s downtown. With the large task of guiding businesses downtown, the Downtown Association also puts on many community events in the downtown area. This all takes time and promotional material.

Located in Aberdeen’s downtown area, McQuillen Creative Group has been working with the Downtown Association throughout the years to produce brochures, print advertising, as well as annual reports and event posters, which can be seen here. The annual reports were designed in a compact brochure that would be easy to distribute. Focusing on a modern and fun look, it was designed to match other items developed for the Downtown Association. The other item seen here are posters for the semi-annual mystery dinner theatre events and the annual summer bash, Sizzlin’ Summer Nights, each put on by the Downtown Association. Drawing heavily from the theme, the posters are always a fun project to be able to work on.

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