About this Project:

Bovalink.com is 100% South Dakota-made. Bovalink.com is an online platform where ranchers and cattle breeders can connect to sell cattle and semen. Focusing on driving sales and bids for each rancher, Bovalink.com looked to us to develop their brand.

Part of their brand included pieces that could be used at trade shows. With trade show banner displays and brochures, McQuillen Creative Group also worked with Bovalink.com to develop print advertising for local newspapers in the Aberdeen, South Dakota region. Maintaining a consistent look across their brand materials, McQuillen Creative Group strove to develop a clean, modern feel with classic imagery. In addition to helping Bovalink.com develop their print materials, McQuillen Creative Group also worked with Bovalink.com to design and develop their website, logo and write a press release that went out to every national cattle magazine in the country.

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