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Sad, but true, we can probably all think of a radio ad off the top of our heads that just makes us want to scream! Obnoxious sound effects, cheesy DJ voices, choppy script; you’re not quite sure what  you just heard, but you hated all 28 seconds of it.

At MCG we have a strict no wacky sound effects or bad acting policy. We promise to provide you with a radio production that is memorable, to the point, and the quality level of a national ad. What makes us so special, you ask? Well, we like to think we’re the pros in Aberdeen at making your big, shiny idea fit naturally into a compact segment, without skipping the point! After we paint the scene in your listeners’ imaginations, we’ll use our wide variety of sound effects and superior script development to polish things off. You may have heard our recent work done for Northern State University in the “It’s Not Too Late to Apply” ad. So call us today and let us hear your big idea!

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