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Let’s Talk Business Video Production

Have you been thinking about business video ideas? McQuillen Creative can help you go beyond the stock standard recruiting or training video. Back in the time of the dinosaurs (in technology years), business video was seen as something that needed to be shaken up with goofy scenarios and over-the-top acting to keep people’s attention.

But that sort of business video style has, thankfully, joined the dinosaurs on the extinction list. Today, it’s a little bit different.

People don’t want to see goofy acting or manufactured situations when they see a business video. What people want is an authentic view into what a company’s culture and values mean to the people who work there. People also want those videos to be on the shorter end.

That doesn’t mean your business needs to look serious all the time. It means that it’s important to put some thought into how you’re trying to connect your business to your employees or recruits.

Business video ideas worth sharing

Ideas for Business Video Styles

Telling Your Story – A great way to capture people’s attention and to get them invested in your company is by making it personal. Creating a video that gives insight into the creation of your company or making the owners personable can go a long way for connecting with clients, customers, and employees. Take this example from Aberdeen Area Veterans Inc.

Getting People Hired – Showing the day-to-day value that employees bring to your company can be huge for drawing new hires to your business. If you combine the right kind of message with an “inside” look into your company, you can attract high-quality recruits who are willing to buy in to your company’s culture. We produced a great example of this for Molded Fiber Glass in Aberdeen.

Refreshing Your Brand – If your company has been around for a while, it might be helpful to spruce up your image and identity. You might not want to completely revamp your image, but it’s a good idea to remind the public of your business’ impact on the community. We worked with Legend Seeds to reaffirm their mission and vision to their clients and customers.

Demonstrating Something Cool – If you’ve just developed a new product or service, you’ll want people to know about it! We worked with Dacotah Bank to create a video that highlighted their mobile retail banking. These kinds of videos are great for highlighting cool, new services.

Inspiring People – If you want to get people to invest in your company, you need to inspire them to trust in you. We created a series of videos for NaCoMe (Nashville, Columbia, Mempshis) Camp and Retreat Center to emphasize their need to expand and improve their facilities. The video also highlighted the positive impact the camp has had on people’s lives since the 1940s.

Informing the Public – The COVID-19 pandemic showed how it’s important to emphasize the public-facing part of businesses and organizations. With so much noise on social media, it’s important to create a message that cuts through the clutter. This is why we worked with the Sisseton Chamber of Commerce to create a video series that let people know the town was open for business. We also wrote about our experience with the project.

Business video ideas to act on today.

Make Your Ideas A Reality With MCG!

It’s important to consider how an orientation video can help give people an insight into your company’s culture and value. This kind of approach can be important for showing new hires, potential customers, or seasoned employees what’s important to you.

Are you interested? The first step is to reach out to us and talk about your ideas. Chances are we’ve done something like it already. Our video production is affordable, and we can travel anywhere! Orientation videos will communicate your corporate culture to new hires.

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