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Digital Advertising: Are You Getting the Best Value?

Digital advertising is becoming a bigger influence for marketing budgets. However, it’s really easy to get it wrong if you don’t have a plan. We’ve written about social advertising before, but this time we want to talk about creating ads, tracking customers and qualifying leads.

Being successful at digital advertising is about focusing on your target audience and then finding ways to keep them interested in your business. It’s one thing to create an ad that gets reach and engagement on social media, but that’s just part of the process.

In a funny way, the marketing world is looking at how business relationships were made in the past. However, today it’s about using technology to create relationships with the customers on a personal level despite the technological barrier. So what do we mean? We’ll walk you through it.

Digital advertising and marketing book

The new school of digital advertising has evolved thanks to some old school marketing principles.

Make a Digital Ad that Connects

There’s no silver bullet (save for millions of dollars) for succeeding with digital advertising on social media. If you’re a local business, your digital advertising budget might be on the smaller end. That’s okay! What you should focus on before you create an ad is how your audience responds to your posts.

Take a look at what you’ve posted over the last few months and find the posts that have had the most comments, reactions, or clicks. If you can see a pattern for what drives that engagement, you can use that as a strategy for digital advertising.

Next you should know what kinds of ads work for your business. If you are selling products, you should use a product carousel to highlight them. If you’re selling a service, then creating instant experiences that present useful information is more effective.

Keep Tabs on Your Customers

Two ideas you can act on to connect with customers who click on your ads and visit your site include the Facebook Pixel and marketing email sign up forms. These are two really powerful ways that allow you to connect with your customers.

Facebook’s Pixel is a helpful tool that keeps track of people who have clicked on your digital advertising. This data can be used in a few helpful ways. You can create re-marketing audiences based on products visited, abandoned carts, and wishlisted items.

Additionally, you can connect with website visitors if you have email marketing. Most email marketing platforms have a tool that lets users create email sign up forms that pop up for website visitors. If people sign up to get informed about your products or services, then you’ve got a direct connection.

digital advertising illustration

Creating effective digital ads on social media takes a combination of tools to create online customer relationships.

Qualify Your Social Media Prospects

If you have an email marketing platform or a customer relationship system (CRM), you can do some really cool things. A CRM system is really helpful for ranking the relationships with your contacts or leads. So when you start getting good data, you can begin marketing relationships.

From there it’s possible to create customer profiles that show what they check out in your emails and how often. And when you get really good at CRMs or email marketing, you can create automations that send people reminders when they visit a product page frequently.

This kind of personalized engagement is becoming the new way to market on social media. It takes a lot of work to create customer loyalty, but

Digital Marketing with McQuillen Creative

As you can see, there are a lot of building blocks that go into creating effective digital advertising campaigns. It’s the combination of old school relationship building and the new school technology that’s driving businesses forward.

When you create a digital ad, you should have a system that can keep people engaged. For digital marketers, the focus is shifting from large-scale anonymous tracking towards personalized experiences for specific customers. We hope this article has illustrated the new marketing strategy that you should adopt going forward.

If you feel like you’re not exactly hitting your sales marks or maybe falling short in reaching new customers, then have a look at what the crew at McQuillen Creative Group can do for you. We have been in the marketing business for a long time, because we work to stay current.

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