Google CallingDon’t succumb to the temptations and sales pitches of SEO companies.

We’ve heard from several of our clients that they are constantly getting calls and emails from “Google” encouraging them to increase their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and/or claim their business account. PLEASE NOTE; these calls are probably not coming from Google, but from third party companies using Google as a buzz term to entice you into doing something you don’t need to do.

What are legitimate offers?

McQuillen Creative Group offers what we have termed an Online Visibility Package to help you avoid the need to respond to telemarketers. This Online Visibility Package ensures your presence on all the major search engines is “claimed.” This means we verify with each search engine (through a back-and-forth calling/emailing process) that your business is legitimate, jives with online maps, and your contact information is correct.

Search engines collect information about local businesses and display it in searches. Sometimes it’s accurate, but sometimes it isn’t. We can make sure that you are in control of your business profile on the major search engines, as well as add photos, hours, business services, and more. If you do a Google search for your company, often a large box appears on the right hand of your screen. This generally includes a map, address, and sometimes, links to like businesses that have shown up when searched.

At the very bottom of the box you’ll see a tiny note that says, “Are you the business owner?” If you click on that, you can begin the process of verifying your listing with that search engine. At MCG, we can do that for you, with all the major search engines. The benefits of doing this actually can improve your search engine ranking and helps define your unique business in your unique location. Sometimes our business names are not unique, this helps the world find your specific business, based on where you and the customer are located.

Google is a little too busy to call everyone. Next time you get a call, “from Google” ask if they are indeed from Google. And let your Caller ID kick in before answering. Chances are, it’s not Google calling. – Troy McQuillen

Who have we helped? Lots of businesses!

Here are just a few of the companies that have benefitted from MCG’s Online Visibility Package: Revive Day Spa, First State Bank of Claremont, Helm Marine, Gold Dust Casino, Home Place Suites, InsuraCrop and Splash Creative Bath

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