About this Project:

Insurance Plus is one of Aberdeen’s local insurance companies. Working with numerous insurance companies, Insurance Plus is able to peruse the market for the best prices for coverage. In addition to great pricing, they also focus on personalized customer service.

With this in mind, the billboards and message was focused on meeting with Insurance Plus agents in person to get the right coverage at the right price. “Because…Things Happen,” was a stylized type treatment used in the first billboard designed and steered viewers to thinking about how accidents happen whether you’re ready or not. This billboard urged people to make sure they not only have coverage, but the right coverage. The second billboard design focused on the Insurance Plus agents themselves, hitting home the fact they are real people right here in the Aberdeen community. In addition to billboard designs throughout the years, McQuillen Creative Group has helped them with print advertising, videos, postcards and storefront signage design.

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