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Your website is gone.

Who are you going to call?

Having a website is only a small part of an online presence. Keeping that site up, safe, and running requires work. Constantly. We manage websites so you don’t have to.

Your website is gone.

Who are you going to call?

Website Management

We hear it all the time. “I know how to make updates to my website, but I don’t.” The reality is, many people with no concept of website development are thrust into roles of maintaining a website (update platforms and plugins, add fresh content, swap photos, correct contact information, add or delete staff, etc.). Failure to keep your site updated can result in hacks and losing out in the search engine game when someone looks for things you offer. Let go of this burden.

How it works

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    Use the form below to tell us about your website or call us at 605-226-3481 to get started.

  • We will get in touch with you

    Our website support specialists will contact you to enroll your website into our management program.

  • We will set your mind at ease

    Relax in knowing your website is always up to date without worry from you or your staff. We’ll take it from here.

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What We Will Do For You

  • Help Prevents Hacks

    If your website is hacked, you may be down for good. Unless you have tremendous, personal support from a provider, chances are your crisis won’t be readily addressed. Each month we make platform and plugin updates to our sites so vulnerabilities virtually disappear.

  • We Call You

    Even though you may have the ability to make updates yourself to your website, do you? Most do not. In order to keep your website relevant to search engines, we will call you up to two times per month to ask you for content updates, or recommend a needed fix for better performance.

  • We Can Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

    Generally this effort requires a completely new platform, and new website. But if you already have a website and content, the investment could be less than what you think.

  • Help With Facebook Links

    You probably heard that Facebook is the place to be to interact with your business online. One goal is to get people to click on a Facebook post and go to your website. Perhaps you’ve avoided this because your site is not up to date.

  • Better Search Engine Optimization

    Google likes two things, websites that are mobile, and websites that people like because the content is appropriate to their searches. If your site hasn’t had any content changes in months or years, you may be losing out to competitors in search engine rankings. We can edit your content, add new employees, update contact information, etc. The more up-to-date your site is, the more valuable users will find it, making it more attractive to Google.

  • Prevent You From Hiring A Staffer

    The reality is, many people who have no concept of website development are thrust into roles in which they are forced to maintain a website. By maintain, we mean add fresh content, swap out photos, correct contact information, add or delete staff members or add a blog post to name a few. This job often gets handed off to admin assistants, graphic designers, marketing coordinators or relatives (yikes!). For a fraction of the cost of a full time staffer, we can manage your website for you.

  • Ease Your Mind

    Whether or not your website was created by us, we can still manage your website. Leave your website in the hands of your trusted creative marketing experts. Let us manage your site, so you can manage your business.