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Want to make an impression?

We know design.

You know what your company needs to grow, and we build the creative assets for you to do so. Whether it's a new logo design, brochure, catalog, signage, prospectus, annual report, a print or online ad, or maybe even your product's package design – we can help.

Want to make an impression?

We know design.

Graphic and Identity Design

First impressions count – and our mission is to make sure yours is a good one. We have been creating effective graphic design for almost 20 years with excellent clients across the country. Let our team of great graphic designers develop bold and innovative creative assets for you that will take your marketing and advertising to a new level, allowing your message to stand out and be heard.

What We Can Do For You

  • Logo Design

    Since 1995, we have designed over 1,000 logos. From this experience, we have learned what works and what doesn’t. By investing in the logo process, we keep our eye on the big picture, and that big picture is how each creative asset comes together to form your company’s image. Your audience, message, and marketing goals are what we focus on while developing your logo, which will become just one asset in your marketing.

  • Identity Design

    Once your logo is developed, we’ll work with you by recommending how best to implement it to create your company’s brand. This can include everything from stationery to signage and vehicle graphics to product packaging. We can also develop a style guide for your logo, colors, and other brand assets to keep your company’s look and message consistent. If you have many hands contributing to your marketing, this guide will help everyone stay on the same page so the style and feel you want to convey isn’t compromised.

  • Print Materials

    It’s amazing all the places graphic design shows up in your business – and it’s our job to make sure it’s good design. Whether it’s a brochure, magazine, annual report, business form or prospectus, or maybe a catalog, postcard, newsletter, poster, book or cookbook, we can help your company tell its story through a plethora of print assets. Keeping the audience and marketing objectives in mind, we’ll stay true to your company’s goals and help you reach more customers.

  • Advertising Materials

    You obviously want your company to be noticed – print and online advertising can help do that. We can create ads that grab your audience’s attention quickly using effective headlines and writing alongside modern, bold design. With established logo design, graphic style, and messaging, it becomes quick and easy for us to fulfill your advertising needs on a moment’s notice.

  • Product Package Design

    Every point of interaction you have with your customers, future and current, matters. Professional package design is a great way to stand out from the competition and make your product look like what it really is – great! Whether it’s a DVD cover, shopping bag, food or drink package, or the instruction manual for your product, we can create attractive packaging for your product that will make your customers take notice, all while taking cost and unnecessary package waste into consideration.

  • Signage

    Your signage can say so much using so little. It’s a piece of your marketing and advertising that, although can be expensive, is necessary. It can have a big impact on how people find your business, what they perceive you do, and can even factor into how they pull into your parking lot. Let us work with you to develop dynamic billboards, way-finding signage, or signage for your storefront, trade show, or convention booth. Banners, vehicle wraps, vinyl decals, window graphics, and store display signs are just some of the types of signage we can assist you with.

Just a Taste of the Creative Assets We Provide

Successful Partnerships Create Successful Design

I’m in charge of a lot of marketing materials, whether they be for tradeshows or product training for customers and sales people. When we can’t create these marketing materials in-house, we partner with McQuillen Creative Group to design and produce those creative assets.

Alton Vilhauer
Marketing Director, Hub City

We’ve been blessed to be able to partner with McQuillen Creative Group to help us to communicate the vision and the need and the invitation to invest in our future together. It has been a joy and a wonderful working relationship with McQuillen Creative Group to collaborate on this project.

Pastor Jeff Whillock
Lead Pastor, Bethlehem Luterhan Church in Aberdeen

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