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Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? In today’s busy world, it’s important to get your message across as quickly and with as much emotional impact as possible. At McQuillen Creative Group, our video production team has the experience to know what works and the skills to make your idea a reality. We also boast the latest technology for drone videos so you can capture the most dramatic shots imaginable.

What We Can Do For You

TV and Radio Commercials

Commercials are the perfect way to get your message across in a quick and concise manner. We love using humor, creative storytelling, and intricate sound design to keep your audience engaged. In addition to being broadcast, commercials can also be shared on social media sites, simply by uploading them to YouTube or SoundCloud.

Web Videos

If you want a stronger online presence, a web video is one way to engage your potential audience. Web videography can serve almost any purpose. For example, they can profile your business, offering customers a glimpse into what you and your business are all about. These videos can highlight employees, a product, or a specific process. Web videos can also improve your website by offering an alternative to text and pictures.

Scoreboard Videos

Short videos that play on scoreboards during stadium games are a great way to show your presence in the community. Our team can size and render the video specifically for the scoreboard size. We have many clients who support Northern State University, Presentation College, the Wings Hockey team, and more. If you need a professional and eye-catching scoreboard video, get in touch!

Aerial Drone Videos

What if you wanted a shot in your video to capture the full glory of your business or location? You can get Hollywood-worthy shots with our premier drone videography. You can get beautiful aerial drone photos and video customized to your needs. With drone videos, you can show the scale of your real estate property, farmlands, and campus scenes. Drone videos can give your viewers a stunning perspective of your business.

Legacy Videos

A Legacy Video honors a person or company’s history, recognizing the impact their past has had on the present and acknowledging the influence they will have on the future. Often, these videos are highly personal, which enriches the story and adds the human component. When complete, legacy videos are ideal for use in sales strategies, new hire orientation, or for event functions to give an overview of a person or company. The finished product can be posted to Facebook, your website, or YouTube to be seen by anyone around the world.

Fundraising Videos

Raising money for a special cause or expansion project can be a difficult process. A fundraising video is the best way to relay important information to your target audience while giving your appeal the emotional impact it deserves. By focusing on your “case” – the reason you’re raising the money – a fundraising video can be fun, moving, and effective. Once your video is complete, McQuillen Creative Group can design, duplicate, and print DVDs or Blu-Rays, which can easily be distributed to potential donors.

Documentary Video Production

A documentary is a great way to preserve history with a story that is both informative and compelling. That means we use more than a narrator or a string of “talking heads.” We utilize motion graphics, re-enactments, old photos, and film, as well as extra footage, or “B-roll,” to help tell your story. Upon completion, our team can design, duplicate, and print DVDs or Blu-Rays for distribution.

Training and Recruitment Videos

When you need to pass along important information regarding your company, producing a training or recruitment video works best. Unfortunately, these videos are often too long and/or extremely boring. At McQuillen Creative Group, we make every effort to create videos that are both informative and interesting. Ultimately, the most effective approach is to keep your training video as short and concise as possible. If your message must be longer than 5 to 10 minutes, we suggest creating multiple videos, which can be consumed in more than one setting. The final product can be delivered on DVD, Blu-Ray, through emails, or online with a private YouTube link.


MCG routinely records depositions for area attorneys. We are professional, have state-of-the-art equipment, and can turn projects around quickly. Whether you need an Aberdeen deposition, a South Dakota deposition, or one filmed anywhere in the country, we can do it to ensure you get consistent quality and reliable service.

Music Videos

Whether you want to create videography of a performance or an artistic narrative to accompany your song, the MCG team can help from concept to completion.

Product Demonstration

Demonstration videos are especially useful when you need to highlight a unique product – or when the benefits of your product are less than obvious. These videos can underline technical specifications and/or ease of operation by utilizing motion graphics, animations, and videos of the product in action. A demonstration video can be burned to a looping DVD for display at trade shows, shared in an email, or uploaded to YouTube for sharing.

Featured Video Production Projects We Have Completed

We Partner With Our Clients To Create Long-Lasting Videos

We knew that we needed to come up with a video to present to the industry. We called McQuillen Creative Group and they got right on it. They made it really easy for us to turn out a really good video that just made us shine.

Dan & Barry Wood
Owners & Operators, Dial-A-Move

When we started this project, we had no experience. Troy and his staff at McQuillen Creative Group were most helpful. We know the team at McQuillen Creative Group will show your message creatively and professionally.

Patsy Weigel
Representing the WWII Pheasant Canteen Team of Aberdeen, SD

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