About this Project:

World War II Pheasant Canteen Team members are in the business of preserving history.  In the early 1940’s, the Aberdeen Red Cross/USO Canteen served pheasant sandwiches and offered other services to more than 586,000 troops during World War II.

McQuillen Creative Group wrote and produced a documentary video entitled “A Living Legacy,” which not only recounted the canteen story, but also what it was like to live in Aberdeen during that time. The documentary premiered in August of 2013 and was an official selection in both the South Dakota Film Festival in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and the Black Hills Film Festival in Hill City, South Dakota. The World War II Pheasant Canteen Team have distributed the DVDs to schools around the state in their continuing effort to preserve local history during World War II.

Tools Used:

  • Archival Aberdeen Wartime Footage
  • Historical Aberdeen Photos
  • WWII Public Domain Images
  • Narration (adapted from true stories and newspaper clippings)
  • Interviews

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