Established Brand Reemerges with a Splash • Tri-State Water


Based in Northeast South Dakota, Tri-State Water was established in 1986. After getting great use out of their original brand image, they recently decided to modernize it in an effort to rebrand and reposition themselves in a growing and competitive market. As both our friends and office-water suppliers, Tri-State recently hired us for this exciting change! We developed a new logo, overhauled their website, and wrote a press release. The new site officially launched on 10/8/14.

We met with Tri-State several times through our development process to make sure we were capturing the look they had in mind for their new brand image. Our team worked with Tri-State by offering several logo options, photographing their filtration and bottling facility to use on the website, writing content and creating a new look for a modern, aesthetically pleasing website, and completing an Online Visibility Package to make sure their search engine presence will be accurate and attractive to potential customers.

The logo design process included several options (15 total) to Tri-State. These logos were designed with regard to their intended use of embroidery, screen printing, signage, vehicle graphics, brochures, stationary, and social media. Check out some of our original logo ideas below!

Tri-State Blog Logos-01

In this day and age, if you’re not online, you’re losing out on potential customers every day. Because so many current and potential customers are viewing a website on screens ranging in size from a smartphone to a laptop, it is important that a site looks good on all types of devices, which is why we created a responsive website for Tri-State. A responsive website automatically adjusts to the screen size you’re viewing it on so it is easy to read and navigate. The site was designed in WordPress allowing the owners of Tri-State to update their content easily.

Check out the new Tri-State website! (If you are on a computer, resize your internet browser window by dragging inward from one of the corners and watch how the site responds.)

We hope you enjoy our work on this latest project! It’s been great making such a big difference with a company we’ve worked with over the years, and we wish Tri-State continued success with their new image. At McQuillen Creative Group, we continually strive to offer the best logo design and best website design in Aberdeen and South Dakota.