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InsuraCrop | Logo Design

insuracrop logo1

About this Project: Visit our Graphic & Identity Design page to learn more about what we can do for you.

Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church | Logo Design

kountze logo1

About this Project: Visit our Graphic & Identity Design page to learn more about what we can do for you.

CW Kessler Ranch | Logo Design

cwkessler logo1

About this Project: CW Kessler Ranch is a three generation family-operated ranch that sells all natural, locally-raised beef. They came to MCG to get a logo and we designed one with a rustic, ranch-style logo that sets them apart. Visit our Graphic & Identity Design page to learn more about what we can do for you.

Storybook Land 40th Anniversary | Logo Design

sbl40 logo

About this Project: In 2016, the Aberdeen Parks and Recreation Department had MCG design a special logo to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Storybook Land. Visit our Graphic & Identity Design page to learn more about what we can do for you.

Sand Creek Animal Clinic – Logo

sandcreek main

About this Project: Sand Creek Animal Hospital is located near a sandy creek near Woonsocket, SD. They are known for horse care, primarily for competitive sport horses like barrel racing, rodeos, roping, showing, etc. They also service a lot of cattle. They also will look at any small pet, but they are known for large animals. With that information in mind,

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Schwab Audiology | Logo Design

Schwab Audiology

About this Project: When creating this logo, it was important that we avoided the “easy option” of using an ear as the symbol. Instead, we designed the symbol to resemble the cochlea, the spiral-shaped interior of the human ear. We paired this symbol with classic type to establish a unique look that was both modern and sophisticated. Visit our Graphic & Identity Design page to learn

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Luther Springs – Campaign Materials

ls feature

About this Project: The Luther Springs Board, NovusWay Board and the Florida-Bahamas Synod authorized a campaign to secure the funding needed to complete their projects. McQuillen Creative Group was brought in to design a logo and campaign materials for the Mission Possible campaign. The logo incorporates the symbols found in Luther Springs and Lutherock’s individual logos and the strong use of red

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The Most Affordable Websites For Furniture Stores

Affordable Websites for Aberdeen SD

Affordable Websites In Aberdeen, SD — Imagine you own a furniture store with hundreds of pieces, in a myriad of categories. Creating a website that includes everything would be a major undertaking and have a hefty up front cost for development. Meanwhile you enjoy the immediacy and crowd building ability that Facebook offers, and you’re pretty comfortable working within that

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My Place – Identity Design

feat img10

About this Project: Former co-founder of Super 8 Motels Inc., Ron Rivett, took his experience from the uber successful hotel chain and put it to use building My Place Hotels with his grandson Ryan Rivett. An economy hotel emphasizing in extended stays for the business traveler is My Place’s niche. Focusing on low prices with a quality stay, My Place

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Established Brand Reemerges with a Splash • Tri-State Water

tristate desktop1 e1414604546436

Based in Northeast South Dakota, Tri-State Water was established in 1986. After getting great use out of their original brand image, they recently decided to modernize it in an effort to rebrand and reposition themselves in a growing and competitive market. As both our friends and office-water suppliers, Tri-State recently hired us for this exciting change! We developed a new logo, overhauled their website, and

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Presentation College – Print Assets

feat img12

About this Project: Presentation College is a faith-based educational institution in Aberdeen, SD, with several satellite campuses. For over 60 years they’ve maintained a modest student body of several hundred students. Several years back, they added a comprehensive athletics program that caused their enrollment to grow substantially. Subsequently, they embarked on an ambitious campus-building campaign to modernize their facilities. In

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Bovalink – Print Assets

feat img3

About this Project: is 100% South Dakota-made. is an online platform where ranchers and cattle breeders can connect to sell cattle and semen. Focusing on driving sales and bids for each rancher, looked to us to develop their brand. Part of their brand included pieces that could be used at trade shows. With trade show banner displays

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Church Camp Video Pros

Camp Video

“Zacchaeus was a wee little man…” can you finish the rest of this church camp classic?  As things wrap up for this summer, camp-goers are already seeking out their next year’s choice. We hope they choose you, but is your website a true jaw dropper? MCG is the expert in town for all things bible, church, or ministry camp. From logo

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Helm Marine – Business Card

hm feat img

About this Project: Helm Marine carries a variety of docks, boat lifts and trailers. New to the Aberdeen area, Helm Marine was looking for a brand that could introduce them as a professional and knowledgable business to purchase your boat accessories with. Once the Helm Marine logo was completed, business cards were done with FLOE Craft’s logo on it. As

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