If you’re going to go to the trouble to create a new dining experience, assumably a unique one, make sure you include your graphic identity in the business development process. A logo is A MUST for any new venture. And we do them pretty darned good. Goodly? Good darned? Heck, I don’t get grammer. But we do get design. Graphic design is one of those things “everyone” can do. But how do you know a design is perfect for your business? That’s why we’ve been around for 18 years. We know appropriateness, and what’s right for you. Of course you’ll need to meet with us first so we can get to know you and your business. Give us a call. The folks at Wild Oats and Bully’s did. These logos are some of the strongest brand icons around Aberdeen today. Restaurant logos in Aberdeen South Dakota by Troy McQuillen of McQuillen Creative Group (that’s all for search engines) 605-226-3481.