The South Carolina Synod of the ELCA wants to do more ministry. They embarked on a multi-million dollar campaign to raise funds throughout the South Carolina region. They want to raise money to touch more lives in their state. It’s a moving story that required a substantial amount of video production to tell the story. McQuillen Creative traveled to SC in the summer of 2011 and filmed for 5 days, driving nearly 1,000 miles around the state. The SC Synod provided a very tight schedule, but was perfect for our filming style. We had so much great footage, we not only were able to tell their campaign story in 8 minutes, but we were able to produce 8 vignettes from the excellent stories we captured. We designed a one-page “Web TV” page that contained all the videos. They promoted the page in their campaign materials. This project was made in conjunction with a fund raising strategy managed by GSB Fundraising.

Many automatically think it cost prohibitive to have us travel to their state to make videos. But consider this: We know what to film, how much to film, and how to weave a story. You can be as involved as you like, but we don’t need managing, and we never go over budget. When we give you a price, that’s what you’ll pay. Despite being in Aberdeen, SD, we compete with video production companies all over the country. We simply take care of you and the project. For video production that gets results, think of us.

Give me a call, I’ll walk you through our process. — Troy McQuillen