Simple Commercial with Big Drama

A Simple Commercial can Deliver Big Results

Believe it or not, this simple commercial was shot with a crew of one. The folks in Pierre, South Dakota wanted a TV commercial to show off the amazing display of Christmas trees at the state capitol. This spot alludes to the reaction most people have the first time seeing this spectacular display. Our models were volunteers and they played the part perfectly. The shoot was only 2.5 hours and it was shot with all existing light and a new, highly sensitive camera. The hardest part was editing all the amazing footage down to 30 seconds. McQuillen Creative Group in Aberdeen, SD often shoots TV commercials for local communities, especially small towns in the upper Midwest. Creative solutions can usually produce impressive results, no matter the budget. Hats off to the Pierre Chamber of Commerce and CVB for giving us a shot!

The typography at the end is similar to the signage used at the Capitol and the little graphic of the building was used to better connect the location with the event. A typical approach would have been to use an establishing shot of the exterior of the Capitol, but we wanted to show as much of the lights and trees inside as possible. And there was no snow to make it wintery-looking. We quickly drew the Capitol building and dropped it in.

If you want a TV commercial that will absolutely stand apart, give us a call here in Aberdeen. We’re pretty good at working within any budget.