Social Media Advertising: 5 Keys to Success

How to win at social media advertising

Social media advertising and digital marketing is not rocket science. But you should always have a strategy for reaching goals. It’s an integral part of growing your social media following and reaching a more engaged audience in the process. There are two ways that a page can grow: organic reach and paid boosts.

If you manage your own Facebook page, you may see Facebook urge you to “boost” posts for as little as $10. Facebook tells you that you can reach hundreds of people with such a boost. It sounds great at first, but there’s no telling about the quality of those people.

  1. Create the right message and keep it short.
  2. Design an image that will grab attention.
  3. Set a sensible budget.
  4. Know your audience’s demographics and interests.
  5. Target the right location.

You need to write directly

Whether you’re selling products or services, you need to write a message that grabs attention. That message then needs a direct call for action. Are you having a sale? Do you need to raise awareness? Then tell your readers what they should do next. While it’s tempting to pack as much information into a post as you can, your message should be short and sweet.

Don’t over-think your message! Imagine you’re writing a subject line to an email. When people have such short attention spans, you should put the most important information first.


Make a design or choose a photo that connects

Thanks to the rise of software as a service, it’s becoming easier for people to access professional digital design and marketing tools. Platforms like Canva and Adobe Spark have democratized the design process. We still think there’s no replacing a professional. However, these tools come in handy in a pinch.

People have eyes to see, so you should present your product with great photos and designs. Like we’ve said as well, it’s also important to display your brand on your images.

digital social media marketing and social media advertising

Set a digital advertising budget that makes sense

Of course, your social media advertising and digital ad isn’t going to work if you don’t have a good financial strategy. Throwing money at an issue will only go so far if the return doesn’t add up. As always, it’s important to scale your advertising budget for your business. Let’s say your ad budget is $1000. Would it make more sense to blow $1000 on one social media advertisement? Obviously, that plan won’t be as fruitful as using that same $1000 on several different ad strategies.

Know your audience details

When you’re setting up a digital ad strategy, you’ll want to know the interests and needs of your target audience. You should already have a general idea of who your customers or stakeholders are. Furthermore, you should know the tools you have at your disposal. Whatever social media platform you advertise on, you have powerful segmentation tools at your disposal.

When you create an ad, you can choose what interests and industries to target. Hence, you will be able to tie everything together when you create your ad. Everything from your copy, design, product, and audience should be cohesive.

Location is still important in social media advertising

If you aren’t setting specific social media advertising and digital ad targets, you’ll be losing out on quality engagement. The old way of thinking in social media advertising was that raw post views and impressions were good metrics for advertising. That sort of thinking doesn’t apply anymore.

As digital real estate becomes more saturated by big brands with huge budgets, smaller businesses have had to adjust. That means small businesses have had to get creative when marketing locally. Don’t forget that you have a better chance of attracting high-quality online customers when you market your business locally. Set a pin to target specific cities and their surrounding area.

In the end, you should always have a plan for your social media advertising. McQuillen Creative takes a highly strategic approach to our advertising and we consult our clients on the best ways to reach their audiences. Are you feeling lost in the social media jungle? There’s no need to give up or delay your digital marketing.

MCG has years of experience in the social media space. If you are curious about social media advertising and what we can do for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. That is why we have provided our contact information below. Check out our social media management page to learn about how we can help you thrive.

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